Billy Joel – The Stranger (MFSL)

Originally Release:  1977
MFSL Release:  2013
Label:  Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs/Sony Commercial Music Group


Front cover:  This is basically pristine.  It has been stored in a plastic sleeve virtually since it was purchased.  Just one very minor scratch to clone out and that was it.

Gatefold-1:  Perfect.  Nothing done except to scan and upload.  This opens up large so just use the right-clock “open in new tab” to read everything clearly.

Gatefold-2:  Perfect. So far, so good!

Back cover:  Again, back in great shape.

MoFi Inner sleeve:  All four of these are in excellent condition.  Just scanned and uploaded.

Labels:  All labels are pristine.  As with all MoFi labels of this type, these are fingerprint magnets.  Whenever I play these, I go to great lengths to avoid getting fingerprints on them.  This made scanning easy but getting them out and putting them away again?  Yeah, not easy.  I addressed MoFi on Twitter and Instagram about this.  I doubt it’ll matter but I had to at least try.