Babyface – Face2Face

Released:  2001
Label:  NuAmerica/Arista Records/BMG Entertainment


Front cover:  This thing is completely mint.  I’m the original owner, had it since the day it came out, and I’ve been very careful with it.  It scanned and uploaded with only two problems:  yellowing and a scan that was a little too dark.  I did the “remove color cast” along with a quick brighten and that took care of it.

Insert-front:  The only issue here was yellowing.  “Remove color cast” fixed that nicely.

Insert-back:  Same issue as the other side but easily fixed.

Back cover:  The back needed some minor brightening and “remove color cast”.  Beyond that, easily done.

Labels:  Even the labels were a little yellow and needed “remove color cast”.  Once done to each of them, they looked exactly as they should.  Spindle hole removal was easy too.