Al Jarreau – We Got By

Released:  1975
Label:  Reprise Records


Front cover:  The cover isn’t in bad shape but his first name goes right to the edge of the album making it somewhat difficult to get it all in.  I did get it; it just took a few tries.  The bottom where the cut-out notch is on the right-hand side was harder for obvious reasons.  Still, all done through careful “cloning.”

Back cover:  This one was harder.  The paper that’s stuck to the cardboard sleeve is coming off.  It’s to be expected after nearly fifty years.  It forms a fold near the top and near the bottom.  The only solution was to replace text.  The second lines of “Spirit” and “You Don’t See Me” had to be re-typed.  I doubt you can even tell I did it as the font was rather simple to find.  It did take some elongating to make it work but I think I nailed it.  I then “cloned” out the rest of the fold.  The fold at the bottom didn’t go through text but the cut-out notch (here on the left) did so I had to replace “3300” and the Warner Communications logo.  Further “cloning” to remove the rest of the fold and I was done.

Labels:  The labels are very nice but the “R” didn’t pop as intended until I adjusted the brightness in the box.  All fixed now.